Behind the veils and within the borders of Iran and the Persian speaking World live men and women desperate to find the liberating love of Jesus.
Pray Iran Now is a group a various ministry partners formed in 2012 to specifically pray for the people of Iran. Pray Iran Now welcomes anyone who feels the burden for the people in Iran… that could include you. It continues to grow as people from all over the world join us to pray for and minister to the people of Iran. The real work is done by God, all we do is encourage and pray for believers. We also seek to share our redeemed lives with Persians. There are Persian speakers literally all over the world, so our field is actually the whole world and not just limited to the country of Iran. Our ambition is to pray for Persians wherever they are.
Pray Iran Now is dedicated to making sure that every man and woman in the Persian Speaking World has the opportunity to encounter the gospel of Jesus Christ. The people of Iran are multi-ethnic and rich in varieties of culture and language. Pray Iran Now partners make every effort to see that the gospel is shared in the different dialects in culturally appropriate ways. Regardless of the variety within Iran one thing seems apparent among all of the ethnic groups—the desperate desire for change. Peoples of Iran have become disillusioned after decades of war and oppression. Many find themselves looking for answers and we believe that this prayer effort will help them do just that.
Vision Statement: God will receive the glory due his name from all the peoples of Iran and the Persian Speaking World.
Mission Statement: The vision will be realized by our working in unity with one another in the following areas:
1) Engagement of new people groups
2) Seeing new believers come forth from the masses
3) Organizing new believers into local churches
4) Catalyzing the emerging churches to facilitate a Church Planting Movement
5) Maintaining Healthy partnerships through this prayer effort
Overall strategy:
1) Establish and update a global prayer network
2) Encourage and equip Central Asian Believers (CABs) to pray and reach the people of Iran
3) Pray for the resources CABs need to fulfill their role (materials, training, etc.)