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“Who is running away and who is coming home?” I wonder as I stare at the people in the crowded, smoke-filled terminal of the Tehran International airport.

Airports always stir loneliness within me. I watch a family awaiting a flight and I long for conversation with my wife or sharing a story or joke with my three kids. Even though I will be reunited with them soon I can’t help but mourn the loss of time with them.

Sayeet* understands what is to mourn lost time with his family. He has been a refugee for over five years. He was once a university professor of philosophy in a city in central Iran. He lost his job and his freedom when he wrote a paper about Galileo that offended the local authorities. For his work he spent five years locked away in an Iranian jail. Once he was released he fled his home and left his family.

Alone and painfully forlorn, Sayeet has bounced from one country to another looking for work and a future for his family. While his job search has been futile, he has found salvation in Jesus Christ; something he never expected nor would have found in Iran. These days he finds himself looking for menial work in Istanbul while his wife and 12 year-old daughter await his return.

Recently Sayeet’s daughter had to be hospitalized for a kidney ailment. Sayeet was tempted to return to his daughter’s side but was advised against it. Grieved and miserable he remained in Istanbul consoled only by the prayers of his Christian brothers and sisters.