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Parvin’s* father and oldest brother were among the 300,000 Iranians killed in the eight-year Iran-Iraq War. She was born after the 1979 revolution, but Parvin has heard her mother and uncle speak often of promises of free gas, food, and money each month. All she has witnessed, however, are broken promises, high unemployment, and severe restrictions.

Parvin’s life is similar to the millions in Iran who are under the age of 35. They make up almost 70% of the population of 70 million. Parvin was part of the population boom in the 1980s and early 1990s, when the Ayatollah urged women to have children. On average, each woman during that time had six children. The Ayatollah later reversed the policy due to economic implications, and since 1998, birth rates have decreased by half.

-Pray that Parvin and the 49 million like her under age 35 will find answers in Jesus Christ the Savior of the world. May they not be distracted by politics, education, drugs, or sex.

-In the midst of discouragement and immorality, God is working to bring university students to Himself. Ask that these new believers will know how to appropriately live out their faith in society.

-Young believers face difficulty finding a spouse. Pray that single men and women in the church will wait on God’s direction as they search for a marriage partner.