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Hamid* fled Iran several years ago with his pregnant wife and landed in Istanbul. He applied for asylum and received it quickly. His wife was approved for a visa to go to America but Hamid’s visa was delayed due to technicalities. His wife went on to America with their unborn child while he remained in Turkey.

His visa difficulties dragged on interminably and he was forced to stay in Istanbul for much longer than expected. During those three years Hamid became involved in a church and eventually became a committed Christian. Three years after he arrived in Istanbul he finally received permission to join his family in America. Elated, he called his wife to share the good news.

His wife, however, had devastating news for him. She had met and moved in with a man she met in Texas. Hamid was further shattered to learn that his wife had informed Immigration and Naturalization Services that she feared her husband and urged that he not be allowed to enter the United States. Hamid’s visa was immediately revoked.

Humiliated and heartbroken, Hamid finds himself betrayed by his wife and unable to ever hold his child. Life has spun out of control for Hamid; his only handle is his newfound faith in Christ.

Sayeet and Hamid, like many others, left their homes because of persecution. Their flight cost them their livelihoods, families and dignity. In the process of running they found shelter in the salvation of God in Jesus Christ.

While they ache for words of acceptance from their families and homeland they will certainly hear, “Well done thy good and faithful servant…” one day.